Technology Experts

SIISA has emerged as a response to the need to automatize processes and minimize the human resources required to run daily operations. On Daily basis, work systems are increasingly becoming more automatizes. As such, companies must create a technological network that maintain a constant connection from production process to the computers on the desks of the executives..

Our goal is to help businesses automatizes their daily operations by offering our services: Structured Cabling, Software Engineering, Installation of towers, Big Data, Sorting and Outsourcing .

We provide qualified personnel when and where required by the companies. .



Achieve total satisfaction for our clients, provide comprehensive, effective and state-of-the-art solutions; create a highly competitive business advantage; exceed our customers expectations in quality, service, cost and compliance while under constant improvements of our own processes



Maintain leadership in technology services in accordance to market trends with a high degree of responsibility which is always in favor of our customers. To be an exceptional place of work where our employees feel inspired to give it their all each and every day and to develop their potential to the maximum.

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  • - Excellence
  • - Integrity
  • - Membership
  • - Trust
  • - Agility
  • - Service
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  • - We value the experiene and expertise of all our staff.
  • - We constantly strive to be the best, making innovation a way of life.
  • - We believe that the satisfaction of our customers is the pillar that sustains us as we contstantly improve our services.